Biological products for grease traps maintenance

The grease traps hold the surplus of grease and fats and other waste (such as meat and other hard food rests, peels, milk, etc.) and prevent their passing on in the sewage of restaurants, canteens, food-processing plants, slaughterhouses, etc.

The common problem with the grease traps is the very slow rate of decomposing and flushing of the fats and the other organic compounds, which creates a cover on the top (foam) and forming malodor. The removing of this foam can be done by pumping it out (very very unpleasant operation, which even isn’t time and cost effective at all) and the volley passage of greases in the WWTP will make you pay solid penalties.

Biological products for 
sustainable cleaning,
odour control and 
waste utilization




Products with
high efficacy
against HAV