Aldehyde free biocide for cleaning and high level disinfection (tuberculocide activity) of surfaces in centers for immature infants, pediatric departments, chest departments etc.

ACTIVE AGENTS: Didecyl-Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride; N-(3-aminopropil)-N-dodecil-propane-1,3-diamine.

SPECTRUM OF ACTIVITY: Bactericide ( MRSA), Tuberculocide, Fungicide (C. Albicans) And Virusocide (HBV/HIV, Papova Virus).

AREA OF APPLICATION: liquid concentrated preparation for cleaning and high level disinfection of surfaces in hospital wards with increased risk of infection and surfaces of medical equipment. Appropriate for application in operation rooms, intensive care units, neonatology and phthisiology.

No stains left after use.
Economical dosage - 0.25% use solution.

Packagings:  1 kg bottle with integrated dozing cup;
   10 kg container.


The product is used in the following Business Areas

Biological products for 
sustainable cleaning,
odour control and 
waste utilization




Products with
high efficacy
against HAV