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Hygiene Medical Industry Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of professional means of hygiene and disinfection in Bulgaria – biocides, professional detergents and industrial degreasing preparations which spare the environment and provide highly effective protection and comfort for the workers, employees, clients of our clients. From the day of its creation, the company has invested in researching and developing new products and services, production and distribution, information technologies and human resources, in order to successfully and timely respond to the changing market demands. Since 1994 HMI Co., Ltd. has been developing and supplying high-quality means and solutions for disinfection and is nowadays a leader on the Bulgarian market in the supply of biocides for the health-care, servicing more than two thirds of the medical establishments in the country.

Innovative and effective, created in the perfect manufacturing conditions with guaranteed quality and origin of the raw materials and completely meeting the requirements of the world's quality systems, our products satisfy in the best way possible all professional hygienic needs, disinfection, sterilization and infection control. We offer a wide variety of products including preparations with a wide disinfection spectrum, detergents purposed for all areas of cleaning and maintaining all kinds of surfaces and materials in perfect condition, thereby providing a maximum shelf-life, as well as products with specialized purpose.

We, in HMI, realize that only high quality of our products itself is not sufficient to satisfy completely the needs of the client. As an added value to our products and services, we offer expert consultations and training, we develop individual hygienic and disinfection plans, thereby meeting and satisfying every specific need of the client. Our high-profile representatives and specialists provide help for our clients in order to meet the sanitary and hygienic needs in the most effective for them way for a reasonable price.


Precise disinfection and hygiene for every activity

HMI Co., Ltd. satisfies all business clients who need good hygienic environment for their respective activity or need perfect cleanness and disinfection in order to improve their manufacturing process and the quality of the end products. We achieve greater and greater success in healthcare, veterinary medicine and stock-breeding, food, textile, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, mechanical engineering and industry, HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafeteria) public and social institutions, administrative institutions and business centers.

Our clients include hospitals, group practices, medical and dental centers, social institutions, kindergartens, schools and universities, state and municipal institutions, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores and multiple stores, fast food establishments, dairy farms, farms, milk processing companies, packing houses, slaughter houses, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, office buildings, movie theatres, airports, airlines, cruise lines, yacht harbors, carwashes, car dealerships, thermal-electric power stations and many other.

Company development, which is a constant process in time, concerns all areas - restructuring the production process, creating and implementing new products and services, preserving the environment, involvement with the problems of the community.

Biological products for 
sustainable cleaning,
odour control and 
waste utilization




Products with
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