SENSY Grapefruit Special
SENSY Grapefruit Special

SENSY Grapefruit Special removes unpleasant smells of various nature, which surround us in the general purpose premises in our daily life, usually originating from heaping of a great many people or from stuffy air.

Efficiently neutralizes animal smells as also smells from real animal leather and leather products.

  • Quickly and efficiently eliminates the unpleasant smells.
  • Aromatizes the whole premise with pleasant aroma.
  • Long-lasting air refreshment, creates pleasant atmosphere.

For use in general purpose premises, offices, trade halls, shops, hotels, public buildings, administrative and business centers, transport vehicles etc.; for aromatizing of various surfaces after cleaning.

Ideal for veterinary clinics, pet shops, currier’s ateliers and shops.

Packaging: 500 ml bottle with a sprayer.