Concentrated liquid cleaning and disinfecting preparation.

ACTIVE AGENTS: QAC-benzyl-C12-18-alkyldimethyl, chlorides; C12-14-alkyl [(ethylphenil)] dimethil chloride; Non-Ionic surfactants.

SPECTRUM OF ACTIVITY: bactericide, incl. tuberculocide, fungicide (C. albicans) and virusocide (HBV/HIV, Avian Influenza A, Newcastle Disease Virus).

AREA OF APPLIATION: Cleaning and disinfection of:

  • Washable surfaces in hospitals and veterinary medicine - kitchens, premises, warehouses and other equipment in food production, storage and trade sites.
  • Vessels and kitchen utensils in healthcare establishments and public catering facilities.
  • Surfaces and equipment in farms for animals and birds - floors, walls, wooden and metal items, incubator stations and inventory , vehicles for animals, foods and technical products, raw materials etc, disinfection barriers at border control posts and other critical control points in animal breeding.

Concentration of the use solution: 0,25÷0,55%.

Packagings:  5 L container;
   1 kg bottle with integrated dozing cup.